graphic novel

The story of Mondregen (engl. moonrain), a rather unknown writer and poet with big dreams. On the way to his first reading, he stumbles over distractions and muses of modern life. The story was self-written and realized into 104 pages in pencil and crayon.

Mondregen experiences one of modern lifes phenomena, writers block.


The graphic novel is built in four chapters: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each day picks out one subject matter of modern life. Mondregen wakes up on Wednesday and calls in memory that he will be reading a lecture on Saturday and still needs to prepare. He lets himself drift through the city and ends in an excessive celebration in the evening, although he wanted to be creative in the first place. The next day, Thursday, he wakes up in a park in the sunshine and decides to finally be creative. As he just begins, he receives a message from a woman who would like to meet him. They get along great and spend a beautiful evening and a beautiful night together. On Friday Mondregen realizes that the reading is already the next day. He rushes home as fast as he can and wants to move on immediately into a creative flow. That of course works slow, because the third issue occurs: the stress or writer's block. In a trance-like condition in the middle of the night, Mondregen finally succeeds to understand his position and his way as an artist and falls asleep. On Saturday the reading takes place and Mondregen is once again experiencing a phenomenon of our time: stage fright and the fear of not being good enough. He imagines all the scenarios what people could think about him and his work. Finally he starts, clears his throat and the story ends. Uncertain, just like the future of us creatives of today.

Kornfeld is the party location to be...

...where Mondregen wants to go to no matter the cost.

Is alcohol a muse or a distraction, or both?

And what about sex?

foldout pages show the poetry Mondregen creates.

A unique aspect of the distractions of modern world is that they build a paradox. Much of what distracts us also has potential for creativity. And so poetry arises whenever Mondregen gets into one of these distractions. The gut instinct is at least as important for the genesis of creativity as the abilities of the brain. Mostly even more important. Therefore Mondregen´s poetry arises in his belly. The transparent paper provides more connection between gut feeling and poetry.

The four chapters. First, the excess. Then the internet or specifically online dating to add a little zeitgeist. The stress and hectic rush of procrastination and finally the fear of not being good enough.


The book project is about the ordeal of young creatives, the fight between freedom,distraction and uncertainty  as well as the things that make our live what it is today.

An overview of the project with airy pages, pages in which classic, comic-typical frames appear as well as more artistic approaches, with full-page illustrations and the already mentioned fold-out pages.